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About me

Communication has been the thread linking my career choices. I have worked in P.R., therapy, teaching, and design and did a bit of acting when I was younger which means I do not mind standing up in front of people! All these paths led me to this point where I am delighted to be able to use my varied skills in this meaningful way.

In my spare time I sing, paint, read or get together with friends and family. I have a dog who demands a walk come rain or shine and I have a lovely husband, three grown up sons and a daughter-in-law.

I am a volunteer bereavement counsellor at a hospice and through that I have learnt how crucial the funeral is in the grieving journey.  I will work hard to make the ceremony as valuable an experience as it can be. I am open-minded and flexible about what form it takes as long as it resonates for those who matter. 


But I just love working with people and am a good listener whatever ceremony you are planning.

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