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Creating wedding ceremonies to mark your commitment to each other in your own unique way

After the legal requirements have been met your celebration can be anything you want - large, small, formal, informal, unusual, original, creative or traditional. It can be inside or out - in a garden, in a wood, a hall, a castle, a room in house, a boat, a beach (though wind and sand can be a problem!) or indeed anywhere else!

How I can help

  • I will have a brain storm meeting with you to throw some ideas about and work out what type of ceremony you want

  • I can help research readings, music, mini ceremonies etc

  • Once the atmosphere and structure has been decided then we can have another meeting to pin down the detail.

  • I will liaise with all those taking part to ensure they know what their role is

  • I will liaise with the venue/wedding planner to make sure all practical issues to do with the ceremony are covered eg chairs, sound system etc

  • I will help you work out your vows if needed

  • I will conduct the ceremony on the day

  • In short I will be there to support you in all aspects of the ceremonial part of your wedding.

If you have any questions regarding weddings, please don't hesitate to get in touch.​

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